The cover of the book Wild Card by Jenifer Cownie & Fiona Lensvelt

We’re Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt, friends and tarot readers. We’ve been running Litwitchure together since 2018, and are the authors of Wild Card.

We believe that tarot readings should be empowering and enjoyable, and our approach to the cards is less about fortune telling, more about storytelling. We draw on books, films, music, history, personal experience, and pop culture in our readings, and our aim is always to help more people discover the magic of the cards.

Our performance work varies from the predictable to the unexpected. We’ve given tarot readings for attendees of parties, private events, and corporate wellness days. We’ve run workshops teaching tarot at music festivals, book shops, advertising agencies, and in creative writing courses. We’ve used the cards as a tool to interview writers, musicians, and creatives on stage in front of live audiences. And we’ve brought the joy and chaos of the tarot to podcasts, TV, and national press.

We’re always open to speaking events, performances, writing commissions, and new ideas. If you have a project or a question that you think we might be able to help you with, drop us an email on

Jen Cownie & Fiona Lensvelt